How to thrive after you lose your drive- thriving during and after the menopause is easier than you think when you know a few simple rules to live by.


Workshop Date : Saturday 27th April, 2019

Venue : Newport Shropshire TF10, England
( Full location details will be provided upon booking. )



The menopause is often referred to as “the change” and for good reason. Like puberty (and we all know what that felt like!), it is a major time of upheaval and transformation. The key to working your way through this pivotal life period is to embrace the changes and open yourself up to the new possibilities afforded by it.

Join this workshop if you would like to benefit from Debrah’s comprehensive experience, both personal and as a therapist, of helping women engage with the life change process with open arms. Reach beyond the programming of thinning hair, dwindling libido and emotional instability, to discover why this is perhaps the most spiritually exciting and physically liberating time of your life.

Whether you are hurtling towards but not yet at the menopause (perimenopausal), struggling in the midst of it or even out the other side, left wondering what the hell happened to you, this workshop will be really useful stuff.

Packed with guidance and insight on all levels, being physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, the 6 hours shared in this class can reap benefits for years afterwards. Take away nutritional advice, energetic exercises, mental reprogramming tips and much more. Gone are the days when a woman was considered “over the hill” once her menses ceased so grab life with both hands and seize the wonderful opportunities right ahead of you.

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