Going for Gold- How to embrace life and get what you desire. Let go of the boredom and mundanity of life by adapting the insightful strategies shared during this one day workshop.


Workshop Date : Saturday 17th August, 2019

Venue : Newport Shropshire TF10, England
( Full location details will be provided upon booking. )



At some stage in the past, we all settled for something. Often we settled for the first man to show a romantic and sexual interest in us, the job or career that somehow we just fell into. Maybe we had children young and never followed through on our dreams, putting our own fulfilment on the back burner so our children could flourish.

The years pass by and somehow, even when our circumstances have changed, we failed to notice or, worse, have lost our courage and passion for life. We have settled.It is all too easy to believe that we have left “it” too late. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Take this one day workshop if you would like to benefit from what Debrah shares relating to her own life. A drama teacher, turned insurance executive who became a solicitor, marketing director and metaphysical teacher, Debrah constantly strives for the gold in her own life and eagerly supports those who share her belief that life is for living and its never too late to switch things up.

During this class, Debrah will help you explore what is sub consciously holding you back and how to release yourself from the self doubt and other restrictions accumulated over time. Take away a helpful strategy so you can continue the process back home and start panning for your own hidden gold.

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