Discover Your Life Purpose- forget the flake and spiritual hocus locus and discover what you are really here for.


Start transforming from surviving and ticking along into a purposeful life, filled with positive contribution. Feel the sense of achievement and reward as you flourish rather than stagnate.

Workshop Date : Saturday 20th July, 2019

Venue : Newport Shropshire TF10, England
( Full location details will be provided upon booking. )



A great accompaniment to Going for Gold, this workshop digs into the essence of our individuality and helps us gain clarity on how we can best be of service to others, whilst enhancing our own life experience.

Are you in the right job? Do you love and feel passion for how you fill your days? Do you derive emotional satisfaction from your regular activities and frequently receive compliments on how talented and amazing you are? Believe it or not, all of that is our birthright. We are all uniquely talented and equipped for a specific contribution to this world which no one else can make.

A friend of Debrah’s calls this work “ not leaving your book on the shelf”, as she refers to all of the ways in which our self worth, or the lack of it, keeps us from making our true contribution in life. Being successful means different things to different people, but true success cannot be found at the expense of fulfilment and personal happiness. It is our birthright to get out of bed every day and give to the world in a way that doesn’t feel like work and fills us with joy.

Join this class if you are ready for a deeper sense of contribution in a deeply struggling 3D world and start making a difference.

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