Detox Your Life


This workshop is packed tightly with knowledge and wisdom relating to a 360 detoxification of body, mind, soul and spirit.

Workshop Date : Saturday 18th May, 2019

Venue : Newport Shropshire TF10, England
( Full location details will be provided upon booking. )



If you have ever had to unblock your drain or even use a plunger on the kitchen sink, you will know how flow is impossible when we are bunged up and blocked. Not only that, but toxins and waste materials then begin to be reabsorbed and soon we are effectively being poisoned by ourselves. Whilst most information available today focusses keenly on physical detoxification, this truth holds for the emotional , mental and spiritual aspects of us too. The potentially devastating effects of holding onto toxic emotions are just as dangerous as being physically constipated and we need flow in all of our energy bodies if we are to thrive.

Be prepared for a tour of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as we progress through this fascinating one day workshop. Learn the necessary skills to maintain emotional equilibrium, a clear and stable mind, a liberated and joyous spirit, as well as a healthy physical body.

As with all of Debrah’s workshops, the day focusses on teaching the tools so you can go away and continue the work. Adopting and maintaining what you learn here is essential for continued progress; personal growth offers no short cuts.

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