Clear Intentions Workshops 2019

We are delighted to share with you our brand new series of one day workshops for 2019. Drop in as and when your diary or personal interest requires or sign up to our full programme for preferred member rates, the choice is yours.

Sharing her personal experiences of any years as a metaphysical teacher and human being, as well as from working with thousands of students and clients, Debrah brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the table, to support and enhance your own personal journey.

Working with a huge array of skills and therapeutic tools, include numerology, colour therapy, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP, together with higher dimensional healing techniques originating from ancient cultures, Debrah is uniquely equipped to help you break down the obstacles of your past and current challenges so the future is a different story.

Please browse through our itinerary and let us know if you have any questions on

How to thrive after you lose your drive – thriving during and after the menopause is easier than you think when you know a few simple rules to live by.

Date : Saturday 27th April, 2019

The menopause is often referred to as “the change” and for good reason. Like puberty (and we all know what that felt like!), it is a major time of upheaval and transformation. The key to working your way through this pivotal life period is to embrace the changes and open yourself up to the new possibilities afforded by it.

Cost : £65

Detox Your Life

Date : Saturday 18th May, 2019

This workshop is packed tightly with knowledge and wisdom relating to a 360 detoxification of body, mind, soul and spirit.

Be prepared for a tour of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as we progress through this fascinating one day workshop. Learn the necessary skills to maintain emotional equilibrium, a clear and stable mind, a liberated and joyous spirit, as well as a healthy physical body.

Cost : £65

Your Life is Waiting- don’t let it go cold!

Date : Saturday 22nd June, 2019

This workshop compliments several others in our 2019 programme and focuses on shaping up energetically so that motivation comes easily. Through a series of powerful energy balances, as well as detailed guidance of nutritional upgrades to provide an extra energy boost, this class is a must for anyone serious about making strident moves forward in life right now. It also contains powerful chakra clearing techniques which can be used thereafter in order to maintain heightened energy levels.

Join this class if you are tired of just thinking about the changes you would like to make in your life or even just really tired.

Cost : £65

Discover Your Life Purpose- forget the flake and spiritual hocus locus and discover what you are really here for.

Date : Saturday 20th July, 2019

Start transforming from surviving and ticking along into a purposeful life, filled with positive contribution. Feel the sense of achievement and reward as you flourish rather than stagnate. A great accompaniment to Going for Gold, this workshop digs into the essence of our individuality and helps us gain clarity on how we can best be of service to others, whilst enhancing our own life experience.

Cost : £65

Going for Gold- How to embrace life and get what you desire. Let go of the boredom and mundanity of life by adapting the insightful strategies shared during this one day workshop.

Date : Saturday 17th August, 2019

At some stage in the past, we all settled for something. Often we settled for the first man to show a romantic and sexual interest in us, the job or career that somehow we just fell into. Maybe we had children young and never followed through on our dreams, putting our own fulfilment on the back burner so our children could flourish.

Cost : £65

Getting it to all add up- a one day workshop using numerology to understand who you are and to harness the hidden science of numbers for personal growth

Date : Saturday 28th September, 2019

Everyone has a unique set of numbers which provide endless knowledge about how we operate in the world. We are not these numbers and yet, by coming to understand the meanings related to them, we can achieve a much deeper appreciation of who we are and what we need. Self knowledge is critical to personal growth.

This workshop looks in detail at the magic of your key personal numerology derived from both your date of birth and full name.

Cost : £65

Soul Prosperity Bondage Breaker

Soul Prosperity Bondage Breaker

Date : Saturday 26th October, 2019

Join this class if you are sick of waiting to get what you want in life and are committed to clearing the crap and claiming your true worth.

Manifesting a prosperous life is much more than thinking about what you really want and letting it go, so the Universe can bring it to you. Manifesting what we want (rather than what we don’t want) requires us to work at a soul level, clearing the limiting beliefs and energetic blockages which keep us stuck in our old patterns.

Cost : £65

Soul Prosperity Appreciation Masterclass

Soul Prosperity Appreciation Masterclass

Date : Saturday 23rd November, 2019

By coming to fully understand and appreciate lack in our lives and the hidden messages which the Universe mirrors to us through this, we can liberate ourselves from our personal prison and finally manifest what we have long been waiting for.

Join this class to delve deeper into why we lack in our lives and how we can transcend this through understanding and appreciation.

Cost : £65

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