How to Discover Your Life Purpose in 5 Easy Ways

1. Explore What You Love & What Comes Naturally to You– these are the very things that define your purpose; you love them for a reason.

2. Follow Your Inner Guidance
Your intuition will lead you towards your mission but you must tune in and give it space to be heard.Take time out to go within.

3.Take Time for Yourself
If you are always taking care of others instead of yourself, then you are running on empty and there is no room in your life for your purpose to unfold. Be kind to yourself and rest regularly.

4.Think About The Most Joyful Times In Your Life
Analyse what the key ingredients were and why they made you so happy. Clarity will follow.

5. Dip a Toe Into the Water of Your True Life Purpose
Once you have more clarity about why you are here, there’s no need to completely overhaul your life all at once but instead, just can just make a gentle start.

Start living your purpose a little more fully one day at a time.

30th April 2019
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