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Debrah GoldstonEstablished in 1992, by founder Debrah Goldston, Clear Intentions has been offering a wide variety of workshops and training programmes in the mind. body, spirit and well being arena, from its Midlands UK base ever since.

Debrah created Clear Intentions as a result of her passion for exploring spirituality and healing and sharing her knowledge with others. Highly practical in her approach, Debrah strives to put knowledge into action, supporting her students and clients as THEY transform their lives. With a strong belief that “all healing is self healing”, Debrah’s approach is to hold space and assist others, empowering and inspiring them towards change but maintaining a clear understanding that no one can fix anyone else and the shift must come from the individual. We must “do the work”. Fortunately, when working within a supportive and nurturing environment, this process often becomes enjoyable and fun. Workshops provide a highly affordable and sociable way to grow spiritually, whilst enjoying the company of others on a similar path.

Over two and a half decades of extensive workshop delivery, Debrah has achieved substantial knowledge, which she has actualised into great spiritual wisdom and insight. A generous and caring individual and teacher, she calls upon her inmate sensitivity and spiritual gifts to assist others in becoming the best version of themselves. Once a corporate lawyer within the business world, Debrah underwent a brave and challenging transition to full time metaphysical teacher nearly twenty years ago; she has been there and packed her drawer with the t shirts of life as evidence. Always striving for authenticity, she considers herself to be a magnificent work in progress. The current range of workshops offered by Clear Intentions reflect Debrah’s own life stage, where she shares the insights and wisdom which she has received through her dedication and commitment to her own life path and which currently inspire her service mission.

If you would like to know more about the current workshop themes offered by Clear Intentions, please take a look at this page:

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